(A)   Whenever any ordinance of this city designates any one-way street or alley, the Commission shall cause signs to be placed and maintained giving notice thereof, and no such regulation shall be effective unless such signs are in place.  Signs indicating the direction of lawful traffic movement shall be placed at every intersection where movement of traffic in the opposite direction is prohibited.
   (B)   The Commission is hereby authorized to determine and designate streets, parts of streets or specific lanes thereon upon which vehicular traffic shall proceed in one direction during one period and the opposite direction during another period of the day and shall place and maintain appropriate markings, signs, barriers or other devices to give notice thereof.  The city may erect signs temporarily designating lanes to be used by traffic moving in a particular direction, regardless of the center line of the roadway.
('79 Code, § 23-2.1)  (Ord. 78-25, passed 9-5-78)