(A)   Designated truck routes shall be posted at city limits and along the routes of U. S. 25 both north and south bound and Kentucky 52 east and west bound, Kentucky 876 (Eastern By-Pass) shall be the designated route for all through trucks within the city.  Signs of the designated truck routes shall be posted in conspicuous places for easy observation by all persons traveling the above routes.
(Ord. 91-51, passed 12-17-91)
   (B)   A truck route for through vehicles is hereby established and identified as the Eastern By-pass extending from the intersection of I-75 and by-pass to the intersection of Kentucky Route 52 and the by-pass.  This section applies to commercial truck through traffic entering the city from I-75, Kentucky 52 (south or east), Boggs Lane, (South) U.S. 25 and U.S. 421 with a destination requiring an exit on the above-mentioned streets.
('79 Code, § 23-9)  (Ord. 75-6, passed 5-20-75)
   Truck routes, see Ch. 73, Sched. III