General Provisions
   50.001   Rules and regulations generally
   50.002   Definitions
   50.003   Application for service
   50.004   Utility's liability and responsibility
   50.005   Consumer's liability and responsibility
   50.006   Illegal diversion of electricity; discontinuance of service
   50.007   Discontinuance of service for cause
   50.008   Discontinuance of service; notice to consumers
   50.009   Right-of-way
   50.010   Access to premises
Service and Service Conditions
   50.020   General service and service conditions
   50.021   Type of service and voltages available
   50.022   Use of service by consumer and limitations
   50.023   Utility's installation
   50.024   Consumer's installation and equipment
   50.025   Temporary and seasonal service
   50.026   Unusual service extensions
   50.027   Relocation of utility's facilities at consumer's request
   50.028   Emergency and standby generating equipment; parallel operation prohibited
   50.029   Supplementary standby power supplied by utility
   50.030   Attachments and unauthorized communication devices prohibited
   50.040   Overhead distribution for new subdivisions
   50.041   Underground distribution for new subdivisions
Large Power Service
   50.050   Availability
   50.051   Net rate per month per service or per transformer installation
   50.052   Monthly minimum charge
   50.053   Determination of monthly kW and RkW billing capacity
   50.054   Billing kW, RkW and kWh
   50.055   Billing where multiple transformer banks are furnished
   50.056   Discount for substation ownership by consumer
   50.057   Power supply cost adjustment applicable to all village electric rate schedules
   50.058   Excise (kWh) tax adjustment
   50.059   Other terms and conditions
Rates and Charges
   50.070   Rate classification and application
   50.071   Electric rates
   50.072   Charges for reconnection, disconnection and other special services
   50.073   Billing
   50.074   Meter accuracy and billing accuracy
   50.075   Meter reading
   50.076   Deposits and responsibility for payment of bills
   50.077   Applicable rates and selection
   50.078   Adjustments in electric utility over billing or under billing
Demand Response of Retail Customers
   50.090   Aggregation of demand response
   50.091   Entity permitted to aggregate
   50.092   Participation in program required
   50.093   Entity permitted to bid demand response
   50.094   Participation required for certain bids
   50.095   Adoption of necessary regulations