(A)   No wires, cables, guys, structures, equipment, hardware or any appurtenance of whatever character owned by any individual, firm or corporation shall be attached, connected, supported or otherwise made use of any poles, equipment, facilities or any appurtenance owned by the utility unless covered by a special written rental contract between the utility and the individual, firm or corporation involved.
   (B)   Devices connected to the consumer's facilities which transmit signals beyond the utility's service drop connection to the consumer's service entrance are prohibited.
   (C)   Communication devices (including cablevision appurtenances or facilities), whether owned by the consumer or others, shall not in any manner or method be connected to the utility's electric facilities.  Such prohibited connection includes direct or indirect methods such as an inductive or capacitor for coupling to any of the utility's facilities or to the consumer's electric wiring or equipment connected to the consumer's service entrance supplied by the utility.
   (D)   Under no circumstances shall the utility's equipment or facilities by others shall subject the removal of all unauthorized attachments or appurtenances by the utility without any prior notice being given to the violator or trespasser.
   (E)   The utility shall not be liable for damage or interference caused by the consumer-owned communication devices.
   (F)   The consumer attachments not to be replaced.  The utility recognizes that in the past some consumers have installed their equipment on the utility's poles or other facilities.  Whenever it is necessary for the consumer's attachments on the utility's equipment to be replaced or renewed, such attachments shall be removed permanently from the utility's equipment at that time.  Such consumer attachments or contacts shall not be replaced or renewed on the utility's facilities, unless covered by means of a special contract that specifies the rental charge to be paid by the consumer or others to the utility and other conditions relating to the attachments or contacts or the utility's facilities.
(Ord. 10-85, passed 10-7-85)