Notice to discontinue service may be given to the consumer by whichever of the following methods is applicable:
   (A)   For nonpayment of bill.
      (1)   All consumer bills shall clearly state that the bill is due and payable and the date that service will be subject to disconnection for nonpayment of the bill.  The discontinuance of service shall be made in accordance with § 52.26.
      (2)   As an alternate, the utility may give a separate printed notice by mail to the consumer at least five days in advance of the date that service is to be disconnected by the utility.
   (B)   When utility's metering equipment has been tampered with.  When the illegal diversion of electricity specified in § 50.006 occurs or exists, no advance notice of disconnection of service will be given.  At time of such disconnection of service, the utility's employees may give verbal notice to the consumer or to any of his or her employees who may be on the premises.
   (C)   For violation of other rules and regulations.  Notice may be given by any of the following methods:
      (1)   Notice given to the consumer, or to his or her agent or employee on the premises orally, personally or by telephone by an authorized representative of the utility.
      (2)   If the violation jeopardizes the safety of the public or the utility's employees or the utility's property, service may be disconnected without notice.  In such an event, it will be subsequently followed by oral and written notice, describing the violation involved.
      (3)   Written notice by prepaid mail deposited in the United States Post Office.
(Ord. 10-85, passed 10-7-85; Am. Ord. 15-2011, passed 1-17-12)