(A)   The utility reserves the right to discontinue the supply of electrical energy and to disconnect its service or remove its equipment and facilities from the consumer's premises for any of the following reasons:
      (1)   When the consumer is in arrears in the payment of bills, or fails to comply with any of these rules and regulations.
      (2)   For fraud or to prevent fraud involving the illegal diversion of electricity as specified in § 50.006.
      (3)   When the consumer has moved from the premises or requested disconnection of service.
      (4)   For willful destruction of the utility's property located on the consumer's premises and for nonpayment of such property destruction by the consumer.
      (5)   If the consumer's service is detrimental to the service furnished by the utility to other consumers and the consumer fails or refuses to correct the situation after reasonable notice has been given to the consumer by the utility.
      (6)   For necessary repairs to the utility's system or for unavoidable shortages or interruptions in the source of the utility's supply.
      (7)   For any unsafe or hazardous installations that jeopardized the safety of either the public or employees of the utility or the property of the utility.
      (8)   When unauthorized devices are attached to the utility's facilities, as further provided in § 50.030.
      (9)   When continuance of the furnishing of service by the utility is determined to be incompatible or unlawful by reason of an order issued by a state or federal government regulatory authority or by any political subdivision thereof. 
   (B)   Any such suspension of service shall not terminate or reduce the term of any contract between the utility and the consumer nor shall it abrogate any applicable service or minimum charge.
   (C)   To the extent applicable, the disconnection and reconnection of service, for any of the disconnected above causes, shall be subject to the applicable charges specified in § 50.072.
(Ord. 10-85, passed 10-7-85)