(A)   Definition of temporary service.
      (1)   Temporary service shall be defined as service to be furnished for a period of less than one year.  It includes service to be supplied to installations, structures or buildings that, in the opinion of the utility, are non-permanent in character.
      (2)   Such temporary service also includes service furnished to trailers, carnivals, street fairs, construction contractors, portable tools, and the like; also, seasonal service furnished to cabins, cottages, and all other service that is usually not connected for a full 12 months each year.
   (B)   Special application required.  Whenever the service requested by the customer is of temporary, special, short-term or emergency in character, such service shall be classified as temporary service.  For such service, a written application or contract will be required, which will cover the period of service, character of service, and the complete cost of the installation and removal of all material, labor, insurance, transportation and other expenses that are involved.
   (C)   Temporary service connection charge.  To cover the cost to establish temporary service as defined above, the consumer shall be subject to the charge for special services, as set forth in § 50.072.
   (D)   Temporary service to be installed on consumer's pole.  All such temporary service drops shall be supported on a pole or post as approved by the utility and shall be installed by the consumer at his or her expense.
   (E)   Aid-to-construction advance by consumer.
      (1)   Whenever the service requested by the consumer is temporary service as defined in division (A) of this section, the utility reserves the right to require the consumer to advance to the utility an aid-to-construction deposit that will cover the utility's estimated cost of all of the facilities, materials, labor, and various utility overheads involved.  Such advance shall be paid to the utility prior to the commencement of construction.  In determining the net amount of aid-to-construction, the utility will reflect the value of salvageable materials less the cost of removal.
      (2)   In addition to aid-to-construction advance, such temporary service shall also be subject to any applicable special service fees for the type of service involved.
   (F)   Applicable rates to apply.
      (1)   Temporary and seasonal service shall be furnished in accordance with the utility's applicable schedule with respect to rates, minimum period of time that service shall be paid for, monthly minimum charge, and the like.
      (2)   All temporary service for construction work, whether for residential or non-residential construction, shall be billed on under the utility's general service rate.
(Ord. 10-85, passed 10-7-85)