As herein used, the consumer and property owner are one and the same.
   (A)   The utility's responsibility terminates at delivery point.  The consumer shall be solely responsible for all wiring, equipment and appurtenances located beyond the point where the utility's wires and fixtures are first connected to the consumer's wiring equipment.  The point shall be defined as the utility's point of delivery of service.  The delivery point will normally be where the consumer's service entrance wires are connected to the utility's service drop conductors.  Where the utility's metering equipment is installed within the consumer's wiring system, the delivery point shall also be defined and considered as the point where the utility's service wires first contact the consumer's wiring or service entrance conductors.
   (B)   The utility is not responsible for utilization of electric energy beyond delivery point.  The consumer shall be responsible for the utilization of all electric energy delivered to the consumer's premises.  The consumer shall be further responsible for any injuries to person or property arising from, caused by, or incident to his or her failure to properly install, operate or maintain any wiring appliances or other appurtenances located on the consumer's side of the aforementioned delivery point, including any defects in the consumer's wiring and his or her equipment.
   (C)   The utility will use reasonable diligence in furnishing a regular and uninterrupted supply of energy but shall not be liable for damages in case such supply or service should be interrupted, reduced or fail by reason of an act of God, the public enemy, accidents, strikes, legal process, state or municipal interferences, breakdown or injury to the machinery or distribution lines of the utility, the temporary discontinuance of service in order to make repairs, or for other cause.
   (D)   The utility shall not be liable for damages, if the supply or service is discontinued due to any cause set forth under § 50.007.
   (E)   The utility will provide and maintain in proper operating condition the necessary line or service connections, transformers (when owned by the utility), meters and other appurtenances as may be required to furnish service to its consumers.  All such equipment and appurtenances shall be owned, operated and maintained by the utility.
(Ord. 10-85, passed 10-7-85)