A.   Grantee shall develop, construct and operate for the term of this franchise a system providing a minimum of 750 MHz capacity.
   B.   The system will be designed with the capability to transmit return signals upstream in the 5-40 MHz spectrum.
   C.   Grantee shall develop, construct and operate a system capable of providing nonvideo services such as high speed data transmission, internet access, and other programming services.
   D.   Grantee shall provide information to any business or other subscriber within city which desires information regarding nonvideo services offered by grantee.
   E.   All final programming decisions remain the discretion of grantee in accordance with this franchise, provided that grantee notifies city and subscribers in writing thirty (30) days prior to any channel additions, deletions, or realignments, and further subject to grantee's signal carriage obligations hereunder and pursuant to 47 USC section 531-536, and further subject to city's rights pursuant to 47 USC section 545. Location and relocation of the PEG channels shall be governed by sections 9-1-8 and 9-1-16, exhibit B, of this chapter. (Ord. 827, 8-5-2002, eff. 8-26-2002)