If, during the course of a project, city determines grantee's facilities are in conflict, the following shall apply:
   A.   Prior To City Notice To Proceed To Contractor: Grantee shall, within a reasonable time, but in no event exceeding three (3) months, remove or relocate the conflicting facility. This time period shall begin running upon receipt by grantee of written notice from city. However, if both city and grantee agree, the time frame may be extended based on the requirements of the project.
   B.   Subsequent To City Notice To Proceed To Contractor: City and grantee will immediately begin the coordination necessary to remove or relocate the facility. Removal or relocation is to begin no later than seventy two (72) hours, if practicable, after written notification from city of the conflict. (Ord. 827, 8-5-2002, eff. 8-26-2002)