A.   City shall have the right to inspect all construction or installation work performed pursuant to the provisions of the franchise. In addition, city may require special testing of a location or locations within the system if there is a particular matter of controversy or unresolved complaints regarding such construction or installation work or pertaining to such location(s). Demand for such special tests may be made on the basis of complaints received or other evidence indicating an unresolved controversy or noncompliance. Such tests shall be limited to the particular matter in controversy or unresolved complaints. City shall endeavor to so arrange its request for such special testing so as to minimize hardship or inconvenience to grantee or to the subscribers caused by such testing.
   B.   Before ordering such tests, grantee shall be afforded thirty (30) days following receipt of written notice to investigate and, if necessary, correct problems or complaints upon which tests were ordered. City shall meet with grantee prior to requiring special tests to discuss the need for such and, if possible, visually inspect those locations which are the focus of concern. If, after such meetings and inspections, city wishes to commence special tests and the thirty (30) days have elapsed without correction of the matter in controversy or unresolved complaints, the tests shall be conducted at city's expense by a qualified engineer selected by city and grantee, and grantee shall cooperate in such testing. (Ord. 827, 8-5-2002, eff. 8-26-2002)