A.   If, during the design process for public improvements, city discovers a potential conflict with proposed construction, grantee shall either: 1) locate and, if necessary, expose its facilities in conflict or 2) use a location service under contract with city to locate or expose its facilities. Grantee is obligated to furnish the location information in a timely manner, but in no case longer than thirty (30) days.
   B.   City reserves the prior and superior right to lay, construct, erect, install, use, operate, repair, replace, remove, relocate, regrade, widen, realign, or maintain any rights of way and public ways, aerial, surface, or subsurface improvement, including, but not limited to, water mains, traffic control conduits, cable and devices, sanitary or storm sewers, subways, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, or any other public construction within the rights of way of city limits. (Ord. 827, 8-5-2002, eff. 8-26-2002)