9-1-5-12: CITY'S RIGHTS:
   A.   When city uses its prior superior right to the rights of way and public ways, grantee shall move its property that is located in the rights of way and public ways, at its own cost, to such a location as city directs. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event the public project is paid for totally or in part by nonpublic funds, then grantee's costs of moving its property shall be borne by the source of the nonpublic funds in the same ratio as the nonpublic funds bear to the total project costs.
   B.   Nothing in this franchise shall be construed to prevent city from constructing, maintaining, repairing or relocating sewers; grading, paving, maintaining, repairing, relocating and/or altering any right of way; constructing, laying down, repairing, maintaining or relocating any water mains; or constructing, maintaining, relocating, or repairing any sidewalk or other public work. (Ord. 827, 8-5-2002, eff. 8-26-2002)