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Sec. 424.  Primary Nominating Election Ballot.
   The ballot for any primary nominating election conducted by the City Clerk shall be as follows:
   (a)   Order of Placement. The names of candidates who have qualified for placement on the ballot, except candidates who have withdrawn or died or otherwise been disqualified, together with any measures or propositions as ordered by the Council or otherwise required by law, shall appear on the ballot. The offices to be filled shall be arranged on the ballot as follows: Mayor, City Attorney, Controller, member of the Council, member of the Board of Education, followed by any other offices to be filled in the order determined by the Council. Measures and propositions shall appear on the ballot in the order determined by the Council.
   (b)   Nonpartisan Ballot. There shall be nothing on any ballot indicative of the party affiliation, source of candidacy or support of any candidate.
   (c)   Write-in Candidates. Each ballot shall provide an opportunity for voters to write-in, for each office on the ballot, the name of any person whose name does not appear on the ballot and for whom the voter wishes to vote.
Amended by:  Charter Amendment 1, approved March 3, 2015, effective April 2, 2015; Charter Amendment 2, approved March 3, 2015, effective April 2, 2015.