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Sec. 402.  Ordinance Ordering the Holding of an Election.
   The Council shall, by ordinance, order the holding of all elections. The ordinance ordering the election shall specify the object and time of holding the election and whether the election is to be conducted by the City Clerk or, alternatively, consolidated with another election or otherwise conducted by the County of Los Angeles. The ordinance also shall establish election precincts, designate polling places and name officers of election for each precinct, and may do so by making reference to other enactments or documents. Any ordinance ordering the holding of an election may also order the holding of a run-off election, to be held if necessary.
Amended by:  Charter Amendment 1, approved March 3, 2015, effective April 2, 2015; Charter Amendment 2, approved March 3, 2015, effective April 2, 2015.