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Sec. 422.  Nominating Petition.
   (a)   Form and Requirements.  The City Clerk shall prepare and furnish a Nominating Petition to each candidate who has filed a valid Declaration of Intention.  The Nominating Petition shall specify the name of the office and the name of the candidate to be nominated, and shall otherwise comply with the requirements of the City Election Code.  In order to qualify a candidate for placement on the primary nominating ballot, the Nominating Petition shall be signed by at least 500 registered voters of the City, in the case of nomination to an office elected at large, or of the Council district or Board district in the case of nomination to the City Council or Board of Education.  Only signatures of registered voters living within the Council district or Board district, as the case may be, shall be counted in determining the sufficiency of those petitions.  Voters may sign more than one petition for a candidate for the same office.  A petition presented to the City Clerk shall not be valid if it contains blanks for more than one thousand signatures.
   (b)   Filing and Certification.  Nominating Petitions shall be filed with the City Clerk not more than 115 days and not less than 90 days prior to the primary nominating election.  No Nominating Petition shall be filed with the City Clerk until any filing fee requirement has been satisfied.  The City Clerk shall examine the Nominating Petition, and determine whether it contains the requisite number of signatures of qualified registered voters, in accordance with procedures contained in the City Election Code.  When the City Clerk has completed the examination of the petition, the Clerk shall prepare a dated certificate showing the result of the examination.
   (c)   Supplementing the Petition.  The City Election Code shall govern the process by which and circumstances under which an insufficient Nominating Petition may be supplemented.  However, no supplement to a Petition shall be allowed after the expiration of the time for filing the Nominating Petition set forth in the Charter, and no signature may be withdrawn from a Nominating Petition after its presentation to the Clerk.
Amended by:  Charter Amendment R § 4, approved March 5, 2002, effective April 12, 2002.