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Sec. 432.  Action by Council on Recall Petition.
   When a recall petition is presented to the Council by the City Clerk, the Council shall within 20 days, by order or ordinance, call for the holding of a special election, and if necessary a special runoff election, for the purpose of submitting to the voters of the City at large, of the Council district, or of the Board district, as the case may be, the question of whether the officer shall be recalled, and if recalled, for the election of his or her successor. The special election shall be held not less than 88 days nor more than 125 days after the date of Council action on the petition; provided, however, that if any other election for any purpose at which all the qualified voters of the City, of the Council District, or of the Board District, as the case may be, are entitled to vote, is to occur during that time period, the Council shall order the holding of the recall election and the consolidation thereof with such other election.
Amended by:  Charter Amendment 1, approved March 3, 2015, effective April 2, 2015; Charter Amendment 2, approved March 3, 2015, effective April 2, 2015.