General Provisions
   150.001   Minimum square footage for residences and residential structures
   150.002   Certificate of occupancy
   150.003   Expedited plat approval
   150.004   Liquid petroleum gas tanks
   150.005   Fees
Codes Adopted by Reference
   150.020   Public Works Construction Standard Specifications
   150.021   International Energy Conservation Code
   150.022   International Fuel Gas Code
   150.023   International Mechanical Code
   150.024   International Residential Code
National Electrical Code
   150.040   Adopted
   150.041   Inspector
   150.042   Duties
   150.043   Permits
   150.044   Inspection
   150.045   Standards
   150.046   Licensing of electricians
   150.047   Qualifications
   150.048   Failure to comply
International Plumbing Code
   150.060   Adopted
   150.061   Inspection and supervision
   150.062   Street openings
Fire Prevention and Fire Limits
   150.075   Fire limits
   150.076   Permit required
   150.077   Incombustible construction required within fire limits
   150.078   Frame buildings
   150.079   Gas connections
   150.080   Fees required
   150.081   Adoption of International Fire Code
Building Code
   150.095   International Building Code
   150.096   Establishment of office of Building Official
   150.097   Qualifications of Building Official
   150.098   Duties of Building Official
   150.099   Liability
   150.100   Right of entry
   150.101   Definitions
Minimum Housing Code
   150.115   Adoption of Minimum Housing Code
   150.116   Establishment of the office of Housing Enforcing Official
   150.117   Right of entry
Demolition, Moving, Relocation and Installation of Buildings Not Built On-Site
   150.130   Permit required
   150.131   Application for permit
   150.132   Investigation of application by Building Official
   150.133   Issuance of permit
   150.134   Insurance and bonding requirements
   150.135   Escort required
   150.136   House mover to make all arrangements
   150.137   Notice to utility companies
   150.138   Police escort
   150.139   Water and sewer connection mandatory
   150.140   Parking on public property
   150.141   Issuance of certificate of occupancy
   150.142   Liability of the municipality under this subchapter
   150.143   Exceptions
Substandard, Unsafe or Dangerous Buildings
   150.155   Purpose and scope
   150.156   Definitions
   150.157   Enforcement
   150.158   Substandard buildings declared
   150.159   Determination by Building Inspector
   150.160   Public hearing for abatement of substandard buildings
   150.161   Order of the City Council
   150.162   Notice of orders of the City Council
   150.163   Enforcement of orders of the City Council
   150.164   Performance of work by the city
   150.165   Recovery of cost of securing, repair, removal or demolition
   150.166   Additional authority to secure certain substandard buildings prior to public hearing and to secure, demolish, repair or remove certain dangerous buildings
   150.167   Authority not limited
   150.168   Priority over Standard Housing Code
   150.169   Summary of substandard building enforcement procedures
   150.999   Penalty