Purposes and Definitions
   99.001   Purposes
   99.002   Definitions
General Provisions
   99.015   Planting
   99.016   Removal
   99.017   Permits authorizing removal
   99.018   Application of requirements regarding diseased and infested trees
   99.019   Removal, partial; non-emergency tree trimming, pruning
   99.020   Injury
   99.021   Dangerous trees
   99.022   Wires
   99.023   Excavations
Subdivisions and Planned Developments
   99.035   Approval
   99.036   Required materials; tentative approval
   99.037   Required materials; final
   99.038   Acceptance of plant materials and maintenance guarantee
Special Use Permits and Variances
   99.050   Approval
   99.051   Required materials
Property That Is the Subject of a Development Petition
   99.065   Approval
   99.066   Issuance of a permit
   99.067   Applications
   99.068   Building activity area
Construction Activity
   99.080   Tree protection
   99.081   Location of utilities
   99.082   Site inspections and approvals; tree fencing and utility locations
   99.083   Site clearing
   99.084   Excavation
   99.085   Finished grade
Landscape Plans
   99.100   Required
   99.101   Application
   99.102   Landscape standards; residential
   99.103   Landscape standards; nonresidential
   99.104   Landscape standards; parking lots
   99.105   Landscape standards; right-of-way
   99.106   Landscape standards; fences
   99.107   Certificate of occupancy; required landscape plan
Street Trees
   99.120   Street tree plans; general
Contagious or Threatening Diseases and Infestations
   99.135   Trees affected with contagious or threatening diseases or infestation declared to be public nuisances
   99.136   Breeding places of elm bark beetles declared to be public nuisances
   99.137   Unlawful to maintain public nuisances
   99.138   Enforcement of subchapter
   99.139   Duty of owner to remove diseased tree or breeding place after notice
   99.140   Notice to owner
   99.141   City may abate nuisance and assess the cost to the owner
   99.142   Nuisance on city property
   99.155   Appeals
   99.999   Penalty