General Provisions
   52.01   Contract with water system for water supply
   52.02   Liability of owners for service
   52.03   Injuring or interfering with water appliances
   52.04   Taking water to supply boilers and the like
   52.05   Claims against city for breakage of fixtures causing interruption of supply
   52.06   Sprinkling of lawns during fire alarm prohibited
   52.07   Water connections outside the city limits
   52.08   Definitions
   52.09   Use of groundwater as potable water supply prohibited
Connections and Specifications
   52.10   Water connection service; permittee
   52.11   Service pipe specifications
   52.12   Laying, repairing service pipes
   52.13   Size and location of taps
   52.14   Pipes on outlet side
   52.15   Water meters furnished by city; placement of meters
   52.16   Expense, maintenance of meters
   52.17   Supervision; reading, testing, and installation of meters and OSRs
Rates, Charges, and Procedures
   52.20   Establishment of rates and charges
   52.21   Applications for service connections; deposit
   52.22   Payment of billing; procedure; delinquency
   52.23   Discontinuance of use; notification; fee for turning on supply
   52.24   Tenant and owners
   52.25   Authority to terminate water service
   52.30   Collection of moneys
   52.31   Receipt of revenue; deposit; accounts to be kept
   52.32   Collection agents
   52.33   Access to records
   52.34   Chart of billing
Violation and Penalty
   52.40   Illegal restoration of water service
Cross-Connection Control
   52.75   Cross-connection control; general provisions
   52.76   General policy
   52.77   Definitions
   52.78   Water system
   52.79   Cross-connection prohibited
   52.80   Survey and investigations
   52.81   Where protection is required
   52.82   Type of protection required
   52.83   Backflow prevention devices
   52.84   Inspection and maintenance
   52.85   Booster pumps
   52.86   Violations
   Awarding of public works contracts, see §§ 37.20 - 37.22