(A)   Applications for water or sewer connections must be made in writing to the city upon forms provided by the city. A separate application will be made for each service connection, each building, and each residence or business place to be supplied. All applications shall contain the common address and parcel number, when known, of the property to which service is requested to be made and shall be signed by the owner of such property, or by the owner's authorized agent, with satisfactory proof of such agency required, and the tenant, if the tenant will be billed for such service. In such application, the owner of the real property, or his authorized agent, and the tenant, if the tenant is going to be billed for water service, must agree to be governed by the provisions of this code in force at the time of the application, and as the same may thereafter be amended. The making of such written application shall be prima facie proof of the owner's agreement to be so governed and shall be conclusive proof of such agreement in a court of law. If after the initial application the tenant who is being billed for water service is replaced by another tenant a new application must be submitted to the city by the new tenant and landlord.
   (B)   Each application for water service received on, or after, June 1, 2007, shall be accompanied by a deposit of $125 as security for water service to be furnished. Deposits for water service shall be maintained and accounted for separately and shall be returned to the applicant without interest upon the written request for the discontinuance of water service by the applicant. There shall be deducted from said deposit any moneys due and owing to the city for water service. The deposit will be waived when the applicant is the property owner.
(Ord. 2953, passed 1-10-95; Am. Ord. 3538, passed 5-29-07)