All consumers shall bear the expense of installing their meters and shall be held responsible for damage to the same arising from theft, freezing, hot water, breakage or any other cause, ordinary wear and tear excepted. Consumers with meters larger than one inch, shall bear all expense for such repairs and renewals as the Water Superintendent may deem necessary. Said expense being limited to the actual materials and hired labor costs, if any, incurred by the city to repair/replace the meter. All ordinary wear and tear and defects in the construction of the meters of one inch or less capacity shall be repaired at the expense of the city. Such repairs or alterations as the Water Superintendent may deem necessary shall be made on all supply pipes, stop valves and all attachments and fixtures from the meter to the water main at the expense of the consumer; excepting therefrom expenses for repair work related to the maintenance fee in § 52.20 (A) (1) of this chapter. After meters are once placed on a service, only the proper persons of the Water Department shall be allowed to take off, repair or replace the same. No person other than those authorized by the Water Superintendent shall break the seal of any meter or in any way tamper with the same.
(Ord. 2953, passed 1-10-95; Am. Ord. 3246, passed 3-27-00) Penalty, see § 10.99