(A)   Existing water lines outside of the city.
      (1)   If there is an existing agreement that allows property owners outside of the city to connect to the water lines connected to the city's water system the agreement shall be followed.
      (2)   If there is no agreement or an existing agreement that does not specifically allow property owners outside of the city to connect to the water lines connected to the city's water system and such water lines run adjacent to the property in question and such water lines are at least four inches in diameter, then a connection to the water line will be permitted, provided however, that the property owner signs an agreement with the city that binds his heirs or future owners of the property to annex into the city should at any time in the future the property become contiguous to the city. A water service line can only service one property and cannot run across one property to another property. The City Manager is authorized to sign such an agreement on behalf of the city. This division shall not apply to the following two properties which are considered to have applied for a water connection prior to the effective date of this section and are allowed to have a single service line to each property:
         (a)   Legal Description: Lot 16 Waunee Estates part SE NE Section 31 and NW NW Section 32 T15N R5E. Parcel #: 20-32-101-009-0030. Owner: William W. and LaJean Breedlove.
         (b)   Legal Description: East SW NW and part SE Section 29 T15N R5E. Parcel #: 20-29-100- 003-0021. Owner: Royal and Laura Peed.
      (3)   Within one year of the passage of this section all water lines that exist outside of the city and that are not owned and maintained by the city will have installed a backflow prevention device per the cross-connection control section of this chapter. As determined by the Superintendent of Water the backflow prevention device shall be located as near as possible to the city border. The city, at its discretion, may, at any time it desires, install a stop valve on the city side of the backflow prevention device, such stop valve being within the city limits. Should the owner of a water line outside of the city limits fail to comply with this division, the city will install such a backflow prevention device and charge the owner or owners for all material, labor, and equipment used to install the device.
   (B)   Any future extensions of the city water main system outside of the city limits is prohibited unless it is part of an annexation agreement.
(Ord. 2974, passed 6-5-94; Am. Ord. 2974, passed 6-5-95)