(A)   In all cases the tapping of the main and putting in of the service pipes and all extensions, alterations or repair of any service pipe or fixture between the main and the meter shall be done by the city, or a contractor authorized by the Water Superintendent, at the expense of the applicant or owner of the premises. The piping, fittings, and appurtenant equipment used and the methods used to install same shall be as shown below, and in compliance with Kewanee Public Works Department Regulations and Material Specification. Piping, fixtures and appurtenances between the meter and the water main found in improper condition shall be repaired, if deemed necessary by the Water Superintendent, at the expense of the City of Kewanee. Said repair work shall be funded by the repair and replacement fee established in § 52.20 (A) (1). In installing a water service the Water Superintendent, or person authorized by him, will tap the main, inserting a stop valve which shall be known as the corporation valve and shall lay the service pipe from the main to the meter. The service pipe shall be laid in the trench sufficiently weaving to allow not less than one foot extra length in its entire length. A curb stop valve shall be furnished and installed for each service at a location as near the property line, but on city property, as possible. A cast iron service box shall be furnished and installed over the curb stop valve where normally exposed to vehicular traffic and held in a truly vertical position, until sufficient backfill has been placed to insure permanent vertical alignment of the box. The top of all service boxes shall be adjusted and set flush with the established ground surface grade.
   (B)   Upon application of the owners of abutting and adjacent properties, or for others on their behalf, of permits to tap into and connect to water main extensions in the city, a fee of $150 for each connection, in addition to all other charges and fees for installing said service and connection, shall be charged to and be required to be paid by each said applicant for the privilege of connecting with and tapping such water main extensions. However, in certain areas of the community the tap on fee shall be as delineated in division (C), as adopted and approved by the City Council.
   (C)   This section shall establish special improvement fees in certain areas of the city that require the extension of new water main to provide service, and which the City Council desires to recapture a portion of the expense for such water main extension from those adjacent property owners who will benefit from the same. The following table indicates the areas where such special improvement fees will be required, and the amount of such special improvement fee, which is in addition to the normal tap on fee established above.
Special Improvement Fee
East Street
From a mid point between College and Garfield north to McClure
Dodge Street
From Page north to Knox
West Church Street
From Dodge west to Bronson, and Dodge east to dead end
May Street
From 10th Street north to 11th Street; thence west to mid point between Wilbur and Simpson
West South Street
From Hollis west to Payson, AND from Midland Drive to Burlington Avenue
(The connection fee for premises with water service capacity greater than 2 inches may be paid in bimonthly installments over a two-year period. If the installment method of paying water connection fees is selected, the installments shall be added to the bimonthly water bills, and shall be due and payable at the same time and under the same terms and conditions as the water bills. This connection fee shall be in addition to those imposed elsewhere in this section.)
Water Service(s) Capacity
Special Connection Fee
0.75 inch
1 inch
1.5 inch
2 inch
2.5 inch
3 inch
4 inch
Greater than 4 inch
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