(A)   All service pipes having a diameter of two inches or less shall be one of the following types:
      (1)   Copper service pipe conforming to the requirements as defined in the current edition of the “Standard Specifications of Water and Sewer Main Construction in Illinois” published by the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers, the Illinois Municipal League, and others.
      (2)   Polyethylene (PE) tubing conforming to the requirements of ASTM D3350 and ASTM D2737, pressure class of 200 psi minimum rating, with a minimum Dimension Ratio of SDR9, NSF listed, with an outside diameter equal to copper tubing in size. To enable future location of the buried PE tubing, an insulated copper wire, minimum #12 gauge shall be installed above the PE tubing in the same trench. The copper wire shall be electrically continuous between the curb box and the meter and terminate with an 18-inch whip in the curb box. PE tubing shall be placed in a bed of sand three inches deep, and covered with a minimum depth of six inches of sand. Said sand shall be free of rocks or other objects which could cut, deform, or otherwise cause physical damage to the PE tubing. All joints made in PE tubing shall be compression fittings with stainless steel stiffeners.
      (3)   The length of Type K copper service pipe, or PE tubing, between the water main and the curb stop valve, and between the curb stop valve and the water meter shall be single pieces of pipe or tubing with no joints or unions installed therein. For new, or replacement service installations, an exception to this requirement is allowed only if the distances involved are larger than the manufacturer's normally available lengths of continuous pipe. For repairs to an existing water service no more than two repair clamps, or other fillings installed to stop a leak, shall be allowed in the piping between the meter and the curb stop valve. All repairs to water service piping between the meter and the curb stop valve shall be carried out as directed by the department head in charge of the Water Division, or his designee. No repaired water service shall be turned on unless said repairs have been inspected and approved by the department head or his designee. Service pipes having a diameter of exceeding two inches shall be those approved in Table A, Appendix A, Section 890 of the December 1993 edition of the Illinois Plumbing Code, or current revision of the Illinois Plumbing Code.
   (B)   Each separate piece of property, lot, or building being furnished water shall have at least one service pipe running from the water main to such piece of property, lot, or building. In multiple tenant buildings of any use, each tenant space, currently existing or newly created, shall have a curb stop valve installed to control the supply of water to the given tenant space independent of the water supply to the other portions of the building.
   (C)   When copper service pipe is used, all joints in said pipe and fittings from the water main to, and including, the outlet side of the water meter, shall be mechanical joints, solder joints in these areas being hereby prohibited. The minimum amount of service pipe protruding on the interior side of the wall or floor shall be six inches, to allow adequate pipe to which to connect the meter.
(Ord. 2953, passed 1-10-95; Am. Ord. 3246, passed 3-27-00; Am. Ord. 3582, passed 7-28-08)