The City Treasurer shall receive all such revenues from the waterworks, sewerage system, and solid waste charges and all other funds and moneys incident to the operation of such systems as the same may be delivered to him, and deposit the same in a separate fund designated as the Water Fund, the Sewer Fund, and the Sanitation Fund, and the Treasurer shall administer such funds in every respect in the same manner provided by the provisions of the Illinois Municipal Code. Said City Treasurer shall establish a proper system of accounts and shall keep proper books, records and accounts in which complete and current entries shall be made of all transactions relative to the waterworks, sewerage, and solid waste systems, and at regular annual intervals. The City Manager shall cause to be made an audit by an independent auditing concern of the books to show the receipts and disbursements of the waterworks, sewerage, and solid waste systems.
(Ord. 2953, passed 1-10-95)