In putting down and repairing pipes, the streets or alleys shall be opened in the manner which will occasion the least inconvenience to the public and admit the uninterrupted passage of water along the gutter of the street. No excavation in any street or other public place shall be left open overnight except by the permission of the Water Superintendent, and every precaution shall be taken to insure public safety. The streets and pavement shall be restored to as good condition as it was in previous to making the excavation using methods and procedures in compliance with the “Standard Specifications for Water and Sewer Construction in Illinois” published by the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers, the Illinois Municipal League, and others. All dirt and rubbish shall be immediately removed after the completion of the work.
(Ord. 2953, passed 1-10-95; Am. Ord. 3246, passed 3-27-00)