General Provisions
   51.001   Definitions
   51.002   Depositing objectionable waste prohibited
   51.003   Discharge of untreated sewage or other polluted waters to natural outlets
   51.004   Privies, septic tanks and other facilities
   51.005   Owner's responsibility to install suitable toilet facilities
   51.006   Tampering with or damaging sewage works
   51.007   Right of entry for purpose of inspection; indemnification; easements on private property
   51.008   State authority permitted access to records
Private Sewage Disposal System
   51.020   Connecting building sewer to private sewage disposal system
   51.021   Written permit to be obtained
   51.022   Inspection and approval of installation
   51.023   Compliance with state regulatory provisions
   51.024   Connecting private sewage disposal system to public sewer
   51.025   Maintenance of private sewage disposal facilities
   51.026   Noninterference with additional requirements
Building Sewers and Connections
   51.040   Connection permit required; discharges to comply with federal, state and local standards
   51.041   Building sewer permits; inspection and connection fees
   51.042   Costs and expenses of installation and connection of building sewer; indemnification
   51.043   Emergency repairs
   51.044   Repairs by Public Works Department
   51.045   Separate building sewer provided for every building
   51.046   Use of old building sewers with new buildings
   51.047   Removal of stoppage in waste pipes; replacing broken or old sewer lines
   51.048   Building sewer construction and material specifications
Use of Public Sewer
   51.060   Discharge of stormwater and other unpolluted drainage
   51.061   Prohibited discharges to public sewers
   51.062   Discharge of certain wastes restricted
   51.063   Pretreatment, equalization of waste flows
   51.064   Grease, oil and sand interceptors
   51.065   Preliminary treatment facilities; maintenance
   51.066   Control manhole
   51.067   Measurements, tests and analyses
   51.068   Industrial wastes; special agreement
Storm Drain System
   51.080   Composition; maintenance and repair
   51.081   Use of storm drain system
Wastewater Service Charges
   51.095   Basis for wastewater service charges
   51.096   Measurement of flow
   51.097   Wastewater service rates and charges
   51.098   Computation of wastewater service charges
Billings; Revenues
   51.110   Billing and payment for sewer service
   51.111   Delinquent, nonpayment of bills, and termination
   51.112   Disposition of revenue; funds
   51.113   Accounts to be kept; annual audit report
   51.114   Notice of rates
   51.130   Definition
   51.131   License required
   51.132   License fee; bond
   51.133   Vehicles to be regulated; wagons to be kept clean
   51.134   Notice to clean vaults
   51.135   Cleaning vaults; hours of operation
   51.136   Disposal of night soil
   51.998   Notice of violation; liability
   Awarding of public works contracts, see §§ 37.20 - 37.22