Use Districts; General
   159.01   Division of city into districts
   159.02   Official zoning map
   159.03   Land and structures to be used as required by district regulations
   159.04   Newly annexed territory
   159.05   Purpose of the use districts
   159.06   Preservation of floodplain areas
   159.07   Exterior masonry construction requirements
Use Districts
   159.20   (A) Agricultural District
   159.21   (SF-43) Single-Family Residential District
   159.22   (SF-22) Single-Family Residential District
   159.23   (SF-15) Single-Family Residential District
   159.24   (D) Duplex Residential District
   159.25   (TH) Townhouse Residential District
   159.26   (MF-8) High Density Multi-Family Residential District
   159.27   (LR) Local Retail District Regulations
   159.28   (PD) Planned Development District
   159.29   Towne Center Overlay District
   159.30   Lake Edge Zoning District
   159.31   (SFE-3.0) Single-Family Estate 3.0 Residential District
General Provisions
   159.40   Site plan approvals
   159.41   Interpretation, purpose and conflict
   159.42   Definitions
   159.43   Conditional use permits; permit requirements
   159.44   Landscaping and buffering
   159.45   Unplatted property
   159.46   Board of Adjustment; Planning and Zoning Commission
   159.47   Organization and duties of the Planning and Zoning Commission
   159.48   Performance standards
   159.49   Nonconforming uses
   159.50   Wind energy systems
   159.51   Architectural Review Board
   159.52   Building materials regulations for residential and commercial construction
Minimum Off-Street Requirements
   159.60   Purpose
   159.61   Off-street parking spaces required
   159.62   Number of off-street parking spaces required
   159.63   Residential parking required
   159.64   Nonresidential parking requirements
   159.65   Off-premises location of parking
   159.66   Clarification, exception and modification of off-street parking requirements
   159.67   Off-street loading requirements
   159.68   Design and construction standards of off-street parking
Administrative Provisions
   159.80   Procedure for amending this chapter
   159.81   Format of zoning map and procedures for amending
   159.82   Classification of new and unlisted uses
   159.83   Administration and enforcement; penalty; building permits; certificates of zoning compliance; occupancy and use permits
   159.84   Completion of buildings
   159.85   Effect upon existing permits, agreements, rights and the like
   159.86   Schedule of fees, charges and expenses
   159.87   Side and rear yard exceptions
   159.99   Penalty