The purpose of the use districts described herein is to group together into districts those uses that are reasonably compatible with one another according to their normal characteristics of operation:
   (A)   To permit, in connection with these uses, those customary and necessary accessory activities which are incidental to the principal use;
   (B)   To permit certain other uses which may be established in some situations and subject to specific conditions so that the special uses will also be compatible with the uses allowed as a matter of right;
   (C)   To promote orderly, timely, economic growth and to recognize current land-use conditions;
   (D)   To provide sufficient space in appropriate locations for development to meet the present and future growth needs of the city, with allowance for adversity of sites;
   (E)   To protect use areas, as far as possible, against heavy and unnecessary through traffic;
   (F)   To protect use areas against pollution, environmental hazards, and other objectionable influences;
   (G)   To protect use areas against congestion, as far as possible, by managing the density of population in and around them; by providing for proper off-street parking spaces; and by providing open areas for rest and recreation and to break the monotony of continuous building bulk, thus providing a more desirable environment;
   (H)   To provide for privacy and access of light and air to windows and to all devices that are powered or healed by the sun, as far as possible, through controls over the spacing and height of buildings and other structures;
   (I)   To promote the most appropriate use of land and direction of building development which is not in conflict with the Comprehensive Plan or the adopted policies of the city; to promote stability of development; to protect the character of the districts; to conserve the value of land and buildings; and to protect the city's tax base;
   (J)   To promote the most efficient use of city facilities and services;
   (K)   To protect against fire and explosions and other safety hazards, and to provide for fire protection and access by fire equipment and vehicles;
   (L)   To accommodate use activities and operations whose external physical effects are restricted to the area of the district, and in no manner affect in a detrimental way any of the surroundings districts; and
   (M)   To preserve and protect the favorable and unique quality of life enjoyed by the citizens of the city.
(2005 Code, § 12-1-5)  (Ord. 181211B, passed 12-11-2018)