(A)   Purpose.
      (1)   This district is an obsolete, inactive district with legal nonconforming status. The city may not accept zoning applications for this district. Legal nonconforming structures in this district are subject to the regulations herein, which are retained in this code for enforcement purposes.
      (2)   This district is considered to be the proper zoning classification for 15,000 square feet lot developments for single-family dwelling use. This district is intended to be composed of single-family dwellings.
      (3)   Areas that are zoned for this use shall have or provide for water, wastewater, drainage, and access to paved streets based on single-family usage required by the allowed density.
      (4)   It is intended for areas that are properly buffered from nonresidential uses, and protected from pollution and/or environmental hazards or from high volume of non-single-family traffic.
      (5)   Developers wishing to restrict their subdivision to lot sizes in excess of what this chapter requires shall use restrictive covenants.
   (B)   Permitted uses.
      (1)   Agricultural uses on unplatted land, in accordance with all other adopted ordinances;
      (2)   One detached single-family dwelling per lot;
      (3)   A single one-story detached building used as a tool or storage shed, playhouse, or similar use, provided the floor area does not exceed 120 square feet and the height does not exceed ten feet (no building permit required);
      (4)   A single detached accessory building, built of like materials and design as the main building, that does not exceed 2% of the total square footage of the lot or parcel of land (for example, 15,000 square feet x .02 = 300 square feet) and 15 feet in height or 50% of the area of the main building. The maximum size may not exceed 900 square feet in area or 15 feet in height;
      (5)   Temporary real estate sales offices located on property being sold, limited to the period of sale of the lots with a two-year initial period and one-year extensions being authorized by the Planning and Zoning Commission, such sales offices to be maintained at all times;
      (6)   Temporary on-site construction offices, limited to the period of construction, with a two-year initial period and one-year extensions being authorized by the Planning and Zoning Commission, such offices to be maintained at all times;
      (7)   Home occupations;
      (8)   Paved automobile parking areas which are necessary to the uses permitted in this district;
      (9)   All municipality owned or controlled facilities, utilities, and uses;
      (10)   Private residential swimming pools as an accessory to a residential use;
      (11)   Temporary concrete batching plants limited to the period of construction, upon approval of location and operation by the Building Official;
      (12)   Public, denominational and private schools, churches, and public parks essential to create basic neighborhood units; and
      (13)   A single open landscape structure on the same lot as an accessory to a residential use and used as a trellis, arbor, pergola, gazebo, or outdoor kitchen that does not exceed 350 square feet in area and fifteen feet in height.
   (C)   Conditional uses (require use permits, see § 159.43).
      (1)   Associated recreation and/or community clubs;
      (2)   Accessory buildings that do not conform to the requirements specified in division (B)(4) above;
      (3)   Facilities for railroads or those utilities holding a franchise in the city;
      (4)   Paved parking facilities for temporary nonresidential uses that are not allowed in this district if properly screened, buffered, and landscaped;
      (5)   A private residential tennis court used as an accessory to a residential use if not located on the same lot or utilizing lights;
      (6)   A driveway or crosswalk, as distinct from a dedicated street, to provide access to premises in a commercial or industrial district; and
      (7)   Agricultural use.
   (D)   Prohibited uses.
      (1)   Any building erected or land used for other than one or more of the preceding specified uses;
      (2)   The storage of equipment, material, or vehicles, including abandoned vehicles which are not necessary to the uses permitted in this district;
      (3)   Any use of property that does not meet the required minimum lot size; front, side, and rear yard dimension and/or lot width; or exceeds the maximum height, building coverage, or density per gross acre as required; and
      (4)   Day care centers.
   (E)   Area requirements.
      (1)   Minimum lot area: 15,000 square feet;
      (2)   Maximum number of single-family detached dwelling units per lot: one;
      (3)   Minimum square footage per dwelling unit: 1,500 square feet;
      (4)   Minimum lot width: 80 feet at the front building line;
      (5)   Minimum lot depth: 125 feet;
      (6)   Minimum depth of front setback: 30 feet;
      (7)   Minimum depth of rear setback: 25 feet for main building and ten feet for accessory building or other structure;
      (8)   Minimum width of side setback:
         (a)   Internal lot: ten feet; and
         (b)   Side yard setback abutting street: 30 feet.
      (9)   Minimum distance between separate buildings on the same lot or parcel of land: 15 feet;
      (10)   Minimum length of driveway pavement: from public right-of-way to building line or 30 feet whichever is greater;
      (11)   Maximum building coverage as a percentage of lot area: 35%;
      (12)   Maximum height of structures: 35 feet; and
      (13)   Minimum number of paved off-street parking spaces required for:
         (a)   One single-family dwelling unit: two (an enclosed garage shall not be considered in meeting the off-street parking requirements); and
         (b)   All other uses: see §§ 159.60 through 159.68.
(2005 Code, § 12-2-4)  (Ord. No. 000615, passed - -; Ord. 151013C, passed 11-10-2015; Ord. 181211B, passed 12-11-2018)