(A)   The following shall only be exempt from side yard setbacks not abutting a street and rear yard setbacks:
      (1)   Structures used by children, such as but not limited to:
         (a)   Playhouses, not to exceed 120 square feet;
         (b)   Swing sets; and
         (c)   Basketball goals.
      (2)   Patios and decks not over 30 inches above the ground;
      (3)   Swimming pool decks;
      (4)   Air conditioning equipment;
      (5)   Pool equipment;
      (6)   Portions of a house or structure cantilevered beyond the foundation but not exceeding three feet;
      (7)   Barbeque grills;
      (8)   Trellises, open gazebos and other decorative structures not exceeding 120 square feet; and
      (9)   Accessory buildings no larger than 120 square feet and no taller than ten feet.
   (B)   A special exception to side and rear yard setbacks abutting the City of Dallas take-line may be granted by the Board of Adjustments for any structure.
(2005 Code, § 12-11-8)  (Ord. 030717F, passed - -)