(A)   All territory hereinafter annexed to the City of Heath shall assume an interim classification of (A) Agricultural District, pending determination of the property’s initial permanent zoning in accordance with the provisions of state law and this chapter unless application for permanent zoning is submitted by the property owner at the time of annexation. The City Planning and Zoning Commission shall, as soon as practical after annexation of any territory to the city, institute proceedings on its own motion, to give the newly annexed territory a permanent zoning, following the same procedures as is provided by law for the adoption of original zoning procedures. The interim zoning prior to the permanent zoning shall not be considered a rezoning for legal purposes. The procedure for establishing initial zoning other than on annexed territory shall conform to the procedure established by law for the adoption of normal zoning classifications and regulations.
   (B)   In an area classified (A), no person shall erect, excavate, construct or proceed or continue with the erection or construction of any building or structure or add to, enlarge, move, improve, alter, repair, convert or extend of demolish any building or structure or cause the same to be done in any newly annexed territory to the city without first applying for and obtaining a building permit therefor from the building official as may be required in applicable city ordinances.
(2005 Code, § 12-1-4)