(A)   This subchapter is hereby amended by the addition of this section as set out in its entirety in the document prepared by HNTB, Dallas, Texas, and attached hereto and incorporated herein and labeled Exhibit A.
   (B)   This zoning district has its basis in and is intended to serve as implementation criteria for the Lake Ray Hubbard Master Plan, as adopted by the City of Dallas; the interlocal agreement approved by the Lake Cities Coalition and the City of Dallas; and the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Heath. This district is intended to provide a means for the protection of water quality, supply and the preservation of the natural environment, and to enhance the quality of life along the shoreline through regulation of manmade facilities.
   (C)   The Lake Edge Zoning District includes all property that is located between the City of Dallas Take Line as shown on the boundary map of Lake Ray Hubbard on file at the City of Dallas and the meanders of the contour line 435.5 mean sea level elevation.
   (D)   Any requested exception with respect to Exhibit A that pertains to architectural controls or standards shall be determined by the Building Official. An appeal of the Building Official's decision may be made to the Board of Adjustment, upon application being made by the applicant within ten days of the Building Official's decision. Any requested exception to the area requirements of Exhibit A, including setbacks, minimum lengths or widths, or other exception, shall be determined by the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.
(Ord. 061019A, passed 10-19-2006; Ord. passed 8-16-2007; Ord. 090721B, passed 7-21-2009; Ord. 181211B, passed 12-11-2018)