(A)   Any retail use or parking lot that has a side or rear contiguous to any residential district and any multi-family use or parking lot with more than five dwelling units that has a side or rear contiguous to any single family, townhouse or duplex district, shall be buffered as defined herein or as approved by the City Council. Where the contiguous use is separated by only a street, alley or easement, and such contiguous uses side-up to or face the use for which the buffer is required, a fence or landscape berm six feet in height is required unless otherwise approved by the City Council. The screen shall be located no closer to the street than the property line. Any ordinances concerning sight obstructions of intersections shall be applicable to the screen where it is intersected by a street or throughway.
   (B)   Prior to construction of buffers, as defined, complete plans showing type of material, depth of beam, and structural support shall be submitted to the building permit office for analysis to determine whether or not:
      (1)   The screen will withstand the pressures of time and nature; and
      (2)   The screen adequately accomplishes the purpose for which it was intended.
   (C)   All required landscape or buffered areas in the MF-8, LR shall be maintained at all times and shall have irrigation systems installed meeting all applicable city codes and approved by the Building Official.
(2005 Code, § 12-6-1)