Capital Improvements Plan
   150.01   In general; purpose; policy
   150.02   Definitions
   150.03   Advisory Committee
   150.04   Periodic updates required
   150.05   Impact fee required; exceptions
   150.06   Assessment and collection of impact fees
   150.07   Calculation of impact fees
   150.08   Credits
   150.09   Expenditure and accounting for fees and interest
   150.10   Appeals
   150.11   Refunds
Mobile Home Parks
   150.25   Parking or storage of mobile homes; unlawful use
   150.26   Unlawful to sell land to park mobile homes
Swimming Pool Enclosures
   150.40   Fence or enclosure required
   150.41   Gates or doors to be equipped with self-latching device
   150.42   Effective date
Septic Tanks
   150.55   Unlawful to build on lots less than one acre
   150.56   Unlawful to furnish utilities to structure violating provisions of chapter
   150.57   Exception; lots filed of record on effective date
   150.58   Building permit requirements
   150.59   New residential home requirements
   150.60   Unlawful; lateral lines within eight feet of property line
Drilling and Mining; Hazardous Materials
   150.70   Regulation of drilling and mining activities
   150.71   Release of hazardous materials prohibited