(a)   All eligible employees, as defined in Section 161.01(e), after the completion of five (5) years of full-time service with the City, shall receive a longevity bonus pursuant to the following schedule (unless an employee is covered under a collective bargaining agreement):
Years of Service
Annual Longevity Bonus
5th through and including 10th
11th through and including 15th
16th through and including 20th
21st and thereafter
(Ord. C25-13. Passed 5-6-13.)
   (b)   The longevity payment shall be made, in accordance with the above schedule, in a separate lump-sum payment on the first pay period ending after each anniversary date of each year. Upon termination for any reason, members who are eligible for longevity pay under this section (or, in the event of death, the estate of the deceased) shall be paid, as part of their terminal pay, the final partial year of longevity pay, prorated to the number of hours worked during such partial year since the member's last anniversary date. The Director of Finance shall establish the rules and regulations for the distribution of this bonus.
(Ord. C4-89. Passed 2-6-89; Ord. C7-96.  Passed 2-5-96; Ord. C86-00. Passed 10-16-00; Ord. C47-01. Passed 8-6-01; Ord. C10-09. Passed 2-17-09.)