(a)   Overtime Eligibility.  Non-exempt employees, as determined under the Fair Labor Standards Act, required to work more than forty hours in any regular work week shall be compensated for such overtime worked at one and one-half (1-1/2) times the employee’s base rate of pay for each hour of overtime. Approved or scheduled sick leave shall not be considered as hours worked for the purposes of earning overtime. Such compensation for overtime work shall be paid at the same time the employee receives a regularly scheduled paycheck for the time period in which the overtime hours were worked. With approval of the City Administrator, a non-exempt supervisor of a collective bargaining unit may receive the same overtime calculation as a unit member. (Ord. C25-13. Passed 5-6-13; Ord. C15-18, passed 3-20-18.)
   (b)   Work Week.  For purposes of calculating overtime liability, the work week shall be defined as the period of time starting at 12:00 a.m. Saturday and ending at 11:59 p.m. Friday.  The use of this standard work week may be altered for specific positions with approval from the City Administrator and notice to the affected employees at least one week before the changes take effect.  (Ord. C23-10.  Passed 5-3-10.)
   (c)   Compensatory Time.  If the City Administrator provides prior approval, non-exempt employees may be granted compensatory time in lieu of payment of overtime, for any time worked in excess of forty (40) hours in one work week.  Compensatory time will be granted at the rate of one and one-half (1 1/2) hours of compensatory time for each hour of overtime worked.  The City retains the sole discretion as to whether or not compensatory time will be granted in-lieu of payment for overtime worked.
   (d)   Compensatory Time Accrual Limitation.  At no time shall compensatory time accrue in excess of forty-five (45) hours per year.  The City Administrator may require the use of compensatory time by employees as provided by law.
   (e)   Carry Over.  Compensatory time shall not be carried over from year to year.  At any time during the calendar year, an employee may request to be paid for any accumulated but unused compensatory time at the employee's most recent base hourly rate. All remaining unused compensatory time shall be paid out at the employee's-base hourly rate at the end of the calendar year. Such payments shall be made by January 31 of the next calendar year. Upon separation from employment those employees eligible and awarded compensatory time shall be entitled to compensation at their then current rate of pay for accrued and unused compensatory time. (Ord. C25-13. Passed 5-6-13.)
(Ord. C4-89. Passed 2-6-89; Ord. C47-01. Passed 8-6-01; Ord. C-06-08.  Passed 2-4-08; Ord. C10-09.  Passed 2-17-09.)