161.05   HOLIDAYS.
   (a)   All eligible employees, as referred to in Section 161.01(e), shall receive eight (8) hours of compensation at base rate for the following holidays:
      New Year's Day            January 1
      Martin Luther King Day         3rd Monday in January
      President's Day            3rd Monday in February
      Memorial Day               Last Monday in May
      Independence Day            July 4
      Labor Day               1st Monday in September
      Columbus Day            2nd Monday in October
      Veteran's Day               November 11
      Thanksgiving Day            4th Thursday in November
      Friday after Thanksgiving Day      4th Friday in November
      Christmas Eve Day            December 24
      Christmas Day               December 25
      Employee's birthday
   (b)   All other eligible employees whose regularly scheduled days off are Saturday and Sunday shall observe holidays falling on Saturday or Sunday on the day on which such holiday is nationally observed. All employees shall be excused from work on the day provided herein for observation of the holiday with the exception of the employee's birthday, if feasible. If any of the above holidays fall on a Sunday, the holiday is observed on the following Monday; if it falls on Saturday, it is observed on the preceding Friday. If a recognized holiday occurs during a member's vacation, that day is not charged as vacation used. Members required to work on a recognized holiday shall receive one and a half (1-1/2) times their regular rate of pay for all hours worked in addition to their regular compensation.
   (c)   The employee birthday holiday shall be observed on a day mutually advantageous to the employee and the City within the calendar year.  This holiday cannot be carried forward to the next calendar year.  (Ord. C25-13. Passed 5-6-13.)
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