(a)   Pay Periods. Compensation shall be paid to every eligible employee of the City on a biweekly basis. Disbursements of pay checks shall be on alternate Fridays at which time the employee shall be paid compensation for the 80-hour period ending on midnight of the Friday that precedes the pay day Friday. The Director of Finance shall calculate the compensation earned by employees on an annual, monthly or hourly salary by dividing the salary of such employee, as nearly as possible, into equal biweekly amounts.  (Ord. C05-12.  Passed 2-6-12.)
   (b)   Regular Work Day.  For all employees except Police Dispatch and Division of Police employees, as well as employees governed by a collective agreement, a regular work day is an eight (8) or ten (10) hour work period between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. as determined and designated by the City Administrator. (Ord. C25-13. Passed 5-6-13.)
   (c)   Represented Employee Work Schedule.  A regular work schedule for employees represented by a union shall be according to the City's agreement with such respective union.
   (d)   Regular Work Week. For each employee, not covered by a collective bargaining agreement or other exception determined by the City Administrator, whose designated work day is eight (8) or more working hours, a regular work week consists of five (5) consecutive work days in any seven (7) day period followed by two (2) consecutive days off.  A work week for all employees consists of forty (40) hours of time worked on behalf of the City.  An employee excused from the performance of duties for observance of a holiday for which the employee is entitled to compensation shall receive credit for the number of hours in the employee's regular work day in computing whether such employee completed a regular work week.
   (e)   Pension Pick-Up (Salary Reduction Method).  The full amount of the statutorily required employee contribution to the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) or the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund (OPFPF) shall be withheld from the gross pay of employees.  This amount shall be "picked-up" by the City, pursuant to the Salary Reduction Method, and shall be designated as public employee contributions and shall be in lieu of contributions to PERS or OPFPF by each such employee. No employee subject to this "pick-up" shall have the option of choosing to receive the statutorily required employee contribution to PERS or OPFPF instead of having it "picked-up" by the City or of being excluded from the "pick-up". The City will not incur any additional costs in the deferment of such federal and State income taxes. Should the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service or PERS or OPFPF change, making this procedure unworkable, the City will return to the former contribution method.
(Ord. C10-09.  Passed 2-17-09; Ord. C23-10.  Passed 5-3-10.)