(a)   No member of Council nor any other officer or employee of the Municipality shall be directly or indirectly interested in any contract, job, work or service with or for the Municipality; nor in the profits or emoluments thereof; nor in the expenditure of any money on the part of the Municipality. Any contract with the Municipality in which any officer or employee is or becomes interested may be declared void by Council. Nor shall the Mayor or members of Council or directors of departments, during their terms of office, or any other employee of the Municipality, during his  employment by the Municipality, practice law or give legal advice or be associated with another in the practice of law in any matter or controversy in which the Municipality is or may become a party, except on behalf of the Municipality as an officer or employee.
   (b)   Any willful violation of this section constitutes malfeasance in office and any officer or employee found guilty thereof under the terms of these Codified Ordinances, the Charter or under the provisions of the general law shall forfeit his office and the office shall be filled in accordance with the provisions of the Charter as to vacancies.
(Ord. C79-79. Passed 12-17-79; Ord. C47-01.  Passed 8-6-01.)