General Provisions
   155.001   Applicability of chapter
   155.002   Short title
   155.003   Interpretation and intent
   155.004   Definitions
Zoning Districts and Zone Map
   155.020   Zoning districts denominated
   155.021   Zone map established
   155.022   Presumptive zoning of annexed or vacated territory
   155.023   Territory rezoned
   155.024   Determination and interpretation of district boundaries
District and Use Regulations
   155.035   General permitted principal, accessory, and contingent uses; conditional use permits
   155.036   Lot and yard requirements; conditional exceptions
   155.037   Requirements as to building layout and location; conditional exceptions
   155.038   Off-street and accessible parking requirements
   155.039   Planned unit development
Well Field Protection Overlay District
   155.050   Purpose; responsibility of owners
   155.051   Definitions
   155.052   Requirements
   155.053   Uses of underlying zoning district
   155.054   Prohibited uses
   155.055   Groundwater protection standards
   155.056   Inspections
   155.057   Regulated substances
   155.058   Underground storage tanks
   155.059   Reporting requirements
   155.060   Public water supply protection authorities
Nonconforming Uses
   155.075   Applicability of chapter to nonconforming uses created by amendment
   155.076   Continuation of preexisting nonconforming use
   155.077   Erection or re-erection of buildings on nonconforming premises prohibited
   155.078   Nonconforming use of land for open storage
   155.079   Temporary commercial/industrial use
Improvement Location Permits and Certificates of Occupancy
   155.095   Improvement location permit required; permit fee
   155.096   Plat or site plan required with improvement location permit application
   155.097   Issuance; denial; appeal
   155.098   Certificate of occupancy required; application
Administration and Enforcement
   155.110   Enforcement by Building Inspector
   155.111   Board of Zoning Appeals; powers and duties
   155.112   Amendments to zoning regulations
   155.113   Violations
Supplemental Provisions
   155.125   Prohibited buildings
   155.126   Signs
   155.127   Form and color standards
   155.128   Minimum green area required
   155.129   Minimum green area buffer required
   155.130   Parking lot green area islands required
   155.131   Landscaping
   155.132   Landscaping in residential zones
   Appendix A:   Permitted Uses by Zoning District
   Appendix B:   Lot and Yard Requirements
   Appendix C:   Building Height, Lot Coverage, Floor Area, and Vision Clearance
   Appendix D:   Off-Street and Accessible Parking Requirements
   Appendix E:   Well Head Protection Area Map