51.01   Scope
   51.02   Village not liable for interruption of service
   51.03   Control of municipal water system
   51.04   Inspection of water system equipment
   51.05   Application for water service
   51.06   Responsibility for cost of installation and maintenance of service lines and other equipment
   51.07   Installation of service lines and house connections
   51.08   Tapping charges
   51.09   Inspection and test of service line
   51.10   Purity of supply not to be impaired by cross-connections
   51.11   Stopcocks and shutoffs
   51.12   Breaks and leaks in service line
   51.13   Water meters
   51.14   Remote reading devices
   51.15   Damaged meters repaired by Water Department at consumer's expense
   51.16   Estimating consumption when meter fails
   51.17   Water consumed through leak; charges
   51.18   Billing
   51.19   Responsibility of payment
   51.20   Delinquent accounts
   51.21   Turn off of water for a violation
   51.22   Customer-disputed billing
   51.23   Deferred payment plans
   51.24   Delinquent bills; lien
   51.25   Proper notice of water assessments
   51.26   Installation of fire protection service
   51.27   Application for connection of sprinkler systems
   51.28   Fire hydrants
   51.29   Pipes may not be used for general supply
   51.30   Fire department has right to use such fixtures for fire protection
   51.31   Malicious interference with fire hydrant or water regulators
   51.32   Tampering
   51.33   Utility payments made to agent
   51.34   Backflow prevention devices
   51.35   Landscape meters
   51.99   Penalty