50.01   Definitions
   50.05   Wastewater Treatment Superintendent; control of sanitary sewer system
   50.06   Public Works Superintendent; control of storm sewer system
   50.07   Director of Finance; collection, custody, and disbursement of funds
   50.08   Rules and regulations
   50.09   Inspection
Use of Public Sewers
   50.15   Deposit of waste on public or private property prohibited
   50.16   Discharge into natural outlet prohibited
   50.17   Private disposal system unlawful; exception
   50.18   Installation of sewers and toilet facilities
   50.19   Discharge of storm or surface water into sanitary sewer and sanitary material into storm sewer
   50.20   Discharge of storm water and unpolluted drainage
   50.21   Discharge of certain substances into sewers prohibited
   50.22   Grease, oil, and sand interceptors
   50.23   Tests and analyses
   50.24   Special agreements
Building Sewers and Connections
   50.35   Permit required for construction, connecting with, or opening sewer; fee
   50.36   Application for installation of new sewer service; entry fee
   50.37   Responsibility for cost of sewers
   50.38   Separate sewer required for each building
   50.39   Use of old building sewers
   50.40   Required pipe materials
   50.41   Size and slope of sewer
   50.42   Entrance into building; grade and depth
   50.43   Removal of sewage where gravity flow not possible
   50.44   Excavations
   50.45   Joints
   50.46   Connecting building sewer into public sewer
   50.47   Notification when sewer ready for inspection
   50.48   Safety requirements; restoration of pavement
   50.49   Laying pipe in street; permission required
   50.50   Settlement of surface over a drain; repairs
   50.51   License required for connection with or opening sewer
   50.80   Damage to sewer system prohibited
   50.81   User fees
   50.99   Penalty
   Utility payment made to agent, see § 51.33
Statutory reference:
   Power of the village to maintain and operate sewer system, see R.C. § 715.40