Rates and Charges
   51.01   Effective date
   51.02   Use of wastewater charges
   51.03   Use of water charges
   51.04   Trash services
   51.05   Water meters to be read monthly
   51.06   Time of billing for water, sewer and trash services; when payment due; penalty
   51.07   Rates and charges for water services established
   51.08   Charge for reconnecting after disconnecting by reason of delinquency
   51.09   New connection
   51.10   Connection fee and deposit for services
   51.11   Definitions
   51.12   User charges disbursement
   51.13   Rates and charges for sewer services
   51.14   Surcharge rates
   51.15   Annual review of cost of operation, maintenance, debt service obligations and adjustment of sewer charges
   51.16   Adjustments to water or sewer bills
   51.17   Expiration of authorization for sewer hook-up
   51.18   Water and sewer main extensions
   51.19   Definition of installation
   51.20   Landlord/land owner responsibility for water/sewer bill of tenant
   51.21   Discontinuance of service
   51.22   Mandatory connection
   51.23   Death of a customer
Sewer Regulation and Control
General Provisions
   51.25   Purpose and policy
   51.26   Definitions
   51.27   Abbreviations
Use of Public Sewers
   51.30   Mandatory sewer connection
   51.31   Unlawful discharge to storm sewers or natural outlets
   51.32   Compliance with local, state and federal laws
   51.33   Discharge of unpolluted waters into sewer
   51.34   Prohibited discharges
Private Wastewater Disposal
   51.40   Public sewer not available
   51.41   Requirements for installation
   51.42   Design and installation
   51.43   Inspection
Building Sewers and Connections
   51.45   Permits
   51.46   Prohibited connections
Pollutant Discharge Limits
   51.50   General conditions
   51.51   Restricted discharges
   51.52   Dilution of wastewater discharge
   51.53   Grease, oil and sand interceptors
   51.54   Special industrial pretreatment requirements
   51.55   Protection from accidental and slug discharges
   51.56   State requirements
   51.57   City’s right of revision
   51.58   Federal categorical pretreatment standards
Pretreatment Program Administration
   51.60   Wastewater discharges
   51.61   Industrial user discharge permits
   51.62   Permit modifications
   51.63   Permit conditions
   51.64   Alternative discharge limits
   51.65   Permit duration
   51.66   Permit transfer
   51.67   Compliance data reporting
   51.68   Periodic Compliance Reports
   51.69   Permit violations
   51.70   Monitoring requirements
   51.71   Inspection and sampling
   51.72   Pretreatment
   51.73   Annual publication
   51.74   Significant non-compliance
   51.75   Confidential information
   51.76   Signatory Requirements
Sewer Charges and Fees
   51.85   Purpose
   51.86   Charges and fees
Powers and Authority of Inspectors
   51.90   Right to enter premises
   51.91   Right to obtain information regarding discharge
   51.92   Access to easements
   51.93   Safety
   51.95   General
   51.96   Enforcement actions
   51.99   Penalties
Cross-Connection Prevention Program
   51.110   Purpose and authority
   51.111   Definitions
   51.112   Requirements