The Board of Health shall have power:
   (a)   To abate and remove all nuisances in the City and assess the costs and expense of the same upon the property wherein such nuisance is situated. Such assessment, when duly certified by the President of the Board to the County Auditor, shall become a lien upon such property to be collected the same as any other tax in favor of the City.
   (b)   To compel the proprietors or owners, agents or assignees, occupants or tenants of the lot or property, house or building, upon or in which any nuisance may be, to abate and remove the same.
   (c)   To regulate the construction and arrangements of all water closets and privy vaults and the emptying and cleaning of such vaults.
   (d)   To create a complete and accurate system of registration of births, deaths and interments occurring in the City for purposes of legal and genealogical investigations, and to furnish facts for statistical, scientific and particularly for sanitary inquiries.
(R.O. 1946, C.16, Sec. 3.)