A.   Unless approved by the city and to the extent consistent with federal law, a licensee must not, in its rates or charges, or in the availability of the services or facilities of its system, or in any other respect, grant undue preferences or advantages to any subscriber or potential subscriber, or to any user or potential user, nor subject any of these persons to any undue prejudice or any disadvantage. A licensee must have a uniform rate structure for its services throughout the license area as required by the cable act and FCC rules. A licensee must not deny, delay, or otherwise burden service or discriminate against subscribers or users on the basis of age, race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, national origin, or martial status, except for discounts for the elderly and handicapped.
   B.   A licensee must not deny cable service to any potential subscriber because of the income of the residents of the area in which the subscriber resides.
      1.   Except as provided in subsection B2 of this section, a licensee must not enter into an agreement with a programming service or broadcast station that provides for:
A refusal by the programming service or broadcast station to deal with a competing multi-channel provider in the city.
      2.   The prohibition contained in subsection B1 of this section, may not be construed to apply to a provision in an agreement that provides for bona fide volume discounts that are either cost based or which otherwise would be applied equally to both affiliated or unaffiliated customers of the programming service or broadcast station. (Ord. 05-589, 5-23-2005)