A.   It is the right of all subscribers to receive all available services from the licensee if their financial and other obligations to the licensee are satisfied.
   B.   If the license is terminated, the licensee must do everything in its power to ensure that all subscribers receive continuous, uninterrupted service. The licensee must cooperate with the city to operate the system for a transition period following termination as necessary to maintain continuity of service to all subscribers. The transition period must not exceed twelve (12) months without the licensee's written consent. During the transition period, the cable system must be operated under terms and conditions to which the city and the licensee agree, or on such other terms and conditions that will continue, to the extent possible, the same level of service to subscribers and that will provide reasonable compensation to the cable operator.
   C.   If the licensee discontinues service to its subscribers without city approval, the license may be terminated immediately, and the city may take possession of all facilities and property, real and personal, related to the cable system for the purpose of operating the system. The city may undertake such operation itself or authorize operation by a contractor. (Ord. 05-589, 5-23-2005)