A.   A licensee must maintain a conveniently located business office open during normal business hours with a listed local telephone number and a sufficient number of telephone lines to allow reasonable access by subscribers and members of the public. When the business office is closed, the licensee must have an answering machine or service to take complaints and inquiries.
   B.   A licensee must have personnel and equipment available at all times to locate and correct major system malfunctions. Major system malfunctions must be corrected without delay. Corrective action for all other malfunctions must be initiated as provided in the license agreement but not later than the next business day after the subscriber service call is received. Corrective action must be completed as promptly as possible.
   C.   A license agreement must include procedures to investigate and resolve all complaints, including those regarding the quality of service and equipment malfunction.
   D.   A licensee must provide each subscriber at the time cable service is installed written instructions for placing a service call, filing a complaint, or requesting an adjustment. These instructions must include the name, address, and telephone number of city hall. Each subscriber must also be provided with a schedule of the subscriber's rates and charges, a copy of the service contract, delinquent subscriber disconnect and reconnect procedures, and a description of any other relevant licensee subscriber policies. The city shall receive all forms describing customer service policies and procedures when they are distributed to subscribers. All forms must be conspicuously posted in the licensee's local business office.
   E.   A licensee may interrupt service on the cable system only for good cause and, except in emergency situations, only after prior notice to subscribers and the city of any significant anticipated service interruption. Any interruption must be for the shortest time possible.
   F.   A licensee must maintain a complete record of service complaints received and action taken. These records must be open to the city for inspection during normal business hours, subject to applicable law, including privacy laws. A monthly summary of such records must be submitted to the city at the city's request by all licensees except limited licensees. A limited licensee must submit reports as required in the license agreement. Complaint records must be retained for three (3) years.
      1.   A licensee must promptly remove all its facilities and equipment from the subscriber's premises if service is terminated and the subscriber requests removal.
      2.   Notwithstanding subsection F1 of this section, a licensee may disconnect and abandon facilities and equipment where removal is impractical, such as with buried cable or internal wiring. (Ord. 05-589, 5-23-2005)