A.   The city manager has responsibility for the administration and enforcement of this chapter and any license agreement, including:
      1.   Establishing procedures for the conduct of public hearings and other proceedings required by this chapter or a license agreement;
      2.   Conducting public hearings, including designating hearing officers;
      3.   Coordinating management and operation of city government access channels;
      4.   Providing technical, programming, and operational support to public agency users of a cable system;
      5.   Planning and evaluating cable use and the development of cable services;
      6.   Approving a transfer of an interest in a licensee;
      7.   Approving modifications of a license agreement that do not substantially alter material provisions of the license; and
      8.   Issuing requests for proposals for licenses.
   B.   Actions by the city manager in the following matters are subject to approval by the council:
      1.   Granting or renewing a license;
      2.   Approving transfer of a license;
      3.   Revoking a license;
      4.   Modifying a license agreement in a manner that substantially alters material provisions of the license.
   C.   Any action by the city manager that requires approval of the council is deemed approved by the council unless disapproved within sixty (60) days from the date the council receives the city manager's recommended action. (Ord. 05-589, 5-23-2005)